Orlando to Chattahoochee to Toomsuba
May 19, 2021
Tuesday we got up early and pulled up stakes from Fort Wilderness, Disney World and headed North West. It was an easy drive to Chattahoochee which is near Tallahassee. But Chattahoochee is funner to say and write. Not much to report. The weather is good. The RV park was marginal. We had baguettes and croissants from Epcot France to go along with dinner. I enjoyed getting back to regular food. Rosemary pork chops, a bunch of steamed vegetables, green salad, fruit salad. [Read More...]

Disney Day 14 - Last day for now
May 17, 2021
Epcot is the park we are visiting on our last day. And happily we were able to get a spot at the French restaurant again. It seems an appropriate open and close. The weather again is unusually nice, at least in my estimation. Maybe Florida secretly has lovely weather just like California doesn’t have earthquakes and the Minnesota weathers aren’t that bad (except they are, they are horrible, don’t move there). [Read More...]

Disney Day 11, 12, and 13
May 16, 2021
Through a combination of keeping up with work, the every day exercise program of walking 3-4 miles in a theme park, and having lunch, I didn’t keep up with daily entries. Here’s what you missed… On Day 11 (Friday) we returned to Epcot for an eating tour. The “Epcot Flower + Garden Festival” is running right now which is an excute for them to have extra nice flower installations and have kiosks selling different small plates of food. [Read More...]

Disney Day 10 - WineBar George Round 2
May 13, 2021
We went to the Magic Kingdom and went on rides. It was fun. (Mickey’s Philharmagic is still a favorite of mine there. It’s an amazing piece of animated storytelling related to Donald Duck’s very sweet inner nature and how he thwarts himself over and over. At least that’s what I think it’s about.) We had decided to return to WineBar George and so left the park around 11 or so, got the boat, stopped at the RV, got in the car, drove, parked, and checked if we could get in early. [Read More...]

Disney Day 9 - The Mighty Ducks
May 12, 2021
Today it rained. It didn’t start out that way, though. We visited Epcot and started out riding Spaceship Earth, the big globe shaped building that dominates it’s skyline. It’s a fun relaxing slow indoor ride illustrating progress in modern communication from cave paintings to the Internet. The lighting seems a bit dim and the sound seems a bit off. It’s supposed to be completely refurbished in the next year or so. [Read More...]

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