Disney Day 8 - Hollywood Here We Come
May 11, 2021
Today we were back at Hollywood Studios. We got in the park a little earlier and twice in a row on Mickey’s Runaway Railway. We keep seeing new things every time we ride, there is that much going on. I’m still not sure how we end up in Daisy Duck’s dance studio but it’s a fun gag. Because we spent more time on this ride, waits for subsequent things were a bit longer. [Read More...]

Disney Day 7 - Best Potato Chips Ever
May 10, 2021
Today we are officially supposed to go to Anaimal Kingdom. Due to COVID, Disney requires advance reservations for any theme parks you wish to go to. So for the sake of getting a reservation we put down Animal Kingdom for today. (After 2pm if you have a “Park Hopper” ticket, you can go to any other park that has space.) However our plan was to go to Disnay’s shopping area “Disney Springs” in the morning and have lunch there. [Read More...]

Disney Day 6 - Magic Kingdom
May 9, 2021
We got up early and returned to the Magic Kingdom. It felt a bit more crowded than last time due to it beeing a Sunday. But there were still only very short lines in the morning. We got on the first boat over and arrived a little before opening of the outer gates at 7:10am. Then walking to the back of the park to try to get on Splash Mountain. It was believed to be delayed for a while so onto the first train on Big Thunder Mountain. [Read More...]

Disney Day 5 - Epcot
May 8, 2021
Today we returned to Epcot. We continue to have nice cool weather which is wonderful. It will warm up next week but there’s still a couple of days of mild and relatively dry days. Today we caught up on a couple of things we didn’t get to on our first time at Epcot. The Frozen film themes Norway ride to kill time. It’s decent and much better than the film. The boat ride in Mexico. [Read More...]

Disney Day 4 - Animal Kingdom
May 7, 2021
Today’s park, Animal Kingdom, opens at 8am and we were in line for parking by 7am. Tomorrow will be a later start and today wasn’t long so it worked out. At Animal Kingdom our only goal was to go on the wildlife safari drive and we were able to do that twice in a row without any problem. The first time the staff were still putting out morning food for the animas and they were mostly in hiding. [Read More...]

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