Why no images?
Nov 6, 2020
As of this writing, this website has no images. The layout is also really plain. While I do enjoy text and appreciate the minimalism of some website I still find on the net (a perfect example: ), I’m looking to have a more modern and readable look. Layout will improve as I have time to build it over time. Images I’m particularly missing for my food writing. Happily, I see examples of what people have done and they look pretty straightforward. [Read More...]

October 29th, 2020
Oct 29, 2020
This week has been more productive than I thought it would be. Normally when I’ve traveled back to California, everything feels much more disrupted. There’s a different daytime schedule, I’m in a different place, there’s a different routine. All of that has been true but I’ve adapted pretty well, to the point that a couple of times I had to double check that it was just last week I was on the road. [Read More...]

October 25th, 2020
Oct 25, 2020
Even though my daily blog is done, I have an interest in recording my thoguhts from time to time. I imagine the “blog” part of this site will stay a little more freeform this way. I can always re-organize the content later and re-generate the website at the touch of a button. (Even with WordPress that would be harder vs dragging and dropping some files between directories here). Anyway… I’m in Sacramento now. [Read More...]

Snow Day
Oct 23, 2020
On October 16th, we had our first day of snow. I’m in the Twin Cities with my girlfriend Chris and it was glorious. Around 9:45am really big fluffy flakes of snow started to float slowly down from the sky. They started to accumulate a little on plants and cars. Except it was 37F so nothing was going to stick. Then it was raining. Then more snow. Then some ice began to fall. [Read More...]

The End of JumpstartMyHeart
Oct 23, 2020
For the last 932 dyas, I’ve written a daily blog. It all started when I had open heart surgery. You can read all about it here At first I chronicled my recovery and all. And then it became a daily chronicle of my life. However, over time, I found it less rewarding and more of a chore. While I enjoyed the writing and having a record of things, I also wanted to write about topics that weren’t a good match for that blog. [Read More...]

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