Disney Day 3 - Hollywood Studios
May 6, 2021
Today was another early day as we were off to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This is where the new StarWars land resides so it’s a more popular and intense park than the others. First thing, I attempted to get a coveted reservation on the Rise of the Resistance ride. The only way to get on it is to use your cell phone with the “My Disney Experience” app and get into their virtual queue. [Read More...]

Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom
May 5, 2021
We got up early and took the boat over to the Magic Kingdom and got there by around 7:15 for an 8am opening. Which meant it was fully open by then (early) and we were on the first ride by around 7:30am. Disney often or always opens parks before stated opening times. It’s always been that way. We had a good time and went on a lot before we were getting hot and tired by 10am. [Read More...]

Disney Day 1 - Epcot
May 4, 2021
Today we went to Epcot for a brief late morning visit. They open at 11am and so are really open earlier. We went on the boat ride through their indoor vegetable/fruit gardens, saw a movie about Canada, found the shops in the England section are much less interesting than normal, and saw a Beauty and the Beast sing-along film. The Canada film is new vs the one the used to have and it’s narrated by Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara which was fun. [Read More...]

Lake City to Orlando - Day 10
May 3, 2021
The drive from Lake City to the Fort Wilderness camp grounds at Disney is a relatively short 3 hours. We received the info from WDW ahead of our arrival that we were automatically checked in and had a camp site assignment for contact-less check-in. It was nice. The camp site is nice and 3 sites down from the walkway over to the main boat dock for the boat to Magic Kingdom. [Read More...]

Ozark to Lake City - Day 9
May 2, 2021
Well we finally reached Eastern Standard Time. I began to think I’d be in Central time forever. Not that I mind, Chris is there. But still. We kept going East. It kept being Central. Today was again a relatively easy drive. The biggest difference in the landscape is the large sections of forest tht were wiped out by the hurricane that came through a couple years ago and wiped out Panama City. [Read More...]

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