2020-12-19 Thoughts
Dec 19, 2020
I reached a tentative compromise with Facebook. It is potentially important to me for business. At the very least for using their advertising platform. Not an ideal solution but it’s where I am in business right now. If I could make all my living off of consulting on email that would be a different story. So I signed back into Facebook and unfollowed nearly everyone. Notifications are still off. I think I get notifications from FB Messenger but I’m not quite sure. [Read More...]

Goodbye Facebook
Dec 13, 2020
Earlier this week I was realizing I was feeling a bit down due to my reading Twitter and general stupidity on Facebook. I had also been thinking about building a future online discussion group for select clients of mine. For discussion / community purposes, I’ve considered Facebook Groups in the past. These days, though, I’m re-thinking about the tradeoffs between “free” online services and the damage they do to society by everything from tracking and selling our information for advertising and government intelligence freelancing to societal damage from manipulating dopamine in our brains, encouraging grevience, and acting as an accelerant to enable further stupid by the current president. [Read More...]

Successful Clients
Dec 13, 2020
I had a 2 hour business call yesterday afternoon. Yes, on a Saturday. A potential client and I had been discussing over some weeks options for how she could work with me, what the business opportunity is that she is building, and other details. I had inadvertantly gone quiet for a few days earlier in the week and she really wants to get started. It was a good meeting. We still don’t have the details worked out but the potential money is very good and looks possible. [Read More...]

Thanksgiving 2020 - A Report
Dec 4, 2020
First, lets start with being thankful for making it this far through 2020. Second, presenting “Thanksgiving Dinner” as a take-out experience worked very well. We had it at lunch time in the covered patio with a propane heater and everyone was very comfortable. We started with salad which included dressing on ths side and delivery of the cranberry sauce cup. Salad Course. Dressing + Cranberry Sauce After came out the dinner box of turkey, brussels sprouts, slow cooker mashed potatoes and slow cooker lasagna. [Read More...]

Exciting Clients
Dec 4, 2020
My clients are generally pretty fun to be around. One in particular I only see every other week for 1/2 hour. It isn’t a big project by any means and she keeps getting a lot out of it. Basically I listen to what she is doing lately and give feedback and ideas. She works with successful woman managers and executives. She does one-on-one coaching as well as running a number of groups. [Read More...]

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