Meridian to Ozark - Day 8
May 1, 2021
We had a pretty easy drive across Alabama from Meridian to Ozark, AL. Along the way we drove through the outskirts of Selma and Montgomery, both places I want to explore more in future. I also slept really well. Asleep by around 8:30pm and awake by around 4:30am which is normal for me with tired and that much time available. It was nice to feel rested. So the drive was easy. [Read More...]

Shreveport to Meridian - Day 7
Apr 30, 2021
I am very tired. Combining travel and intensely working on things has worn me out. Luckily nothing is on fire so outside of writing another email for my own list (I have 6 scheduled ahead now, 2 weeks), and sending a couple of additional notes for client and collaborator communication there isn’t much that MUST be done. And I’m tired enough I would trust myself to do much anyway. (It’s better to be rested than to have to fix dumb things I’ll do when tired). [Read More...]

Vernon to Shreveport - Day 6
Apr 29, 2021
Today was a longer driving day. We had some rain. We had some 2 lane roads. One of the goals of the day was not to drive through Dallas so we were a little out of the way but didn’t have any bad traffic. As we continued East everything kept getting greener and greener. Our RV site is nice and backs up to a little forest. Since it’s Lousiana they even have a little statur of an aligator with an arm in it’s mouth at the entrance. [Read More...]

Tucumcari to Vernon - Day 5
Apr 28, 2021
Today was a no-wind driving day and very pleasant. From Tucumcari, New Mexico we drove we entered the great state of Texas, went through Amarillo and then down to Vernon. This route lets us avoid the universally reviled driving nightmare of Dallas / Fort Worth. (As Twin Cities go, Minneapolis / St. Paul is a very pleasant driving experience.) The countryside has gotten greener and the lack of wind is quite nice. [Read More...]

Seligman to Grants to Tucumcari - Day 4
Apr 27, 2021
I got distracted working so didn’t get to this yesterday. On Day 3, we had a short drive from Seligman to Grants, New Mexico. The wind wasn’t too bad but was gusty in parts. Overall driving wasn’t that bad. Grants, NM is in the middle of a lava field so around the RV park there were interesting formations like this: Lava rocks just next to the RV Work wise, I got further ahead on my email list (one email a day for a list that gets sent out 3 times a week) and finished a web landing page I was having to build/design myself because my prefered contractor isn’t available. [Read More...]

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