Understanding Digital Ownership
May 3, 2021
What is going on? An Introduction First the “Nyan Cat” meme was sold at auction for $587K. Nyan Cat Gif - $587,241 Then Beeple sold a large jpeg file containing the 5000 images in his “Everyday” series. At auction this sold for $69,000,000. One of the highest $$$ art sales ever. Beeple - Everyday - $69M Then Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for $2.9M. Jack's first Tweet - adorable - $2. [Read More...]

Parler: Only the best people…
Jan 20, 2021
I was intrigued by some of the stories around the shutdown of right-wing nazi friendly social media site Parler. Not so much the cascading shutdown of access to the Internet. Similar fates happened to sites like The Daily Stormer and others. There’s no “free speech” issue here, of course. Private internet providers can have whatever customers they want. What was intriguing was the effort by 3rd parties to exfiltrate ALL of the data on Parler. [Read More...]

Raspberry PI as a Github ‘Runner’
Nov 2, 2020
(This article is a high level sketch.) When setting up this static website, I wanted as easy a path as possible for getting content from my laptop to the website. There are a lot of systems that do automatic deployment of changes. I wanted something simple, low cost, and which was going to be around a long time. Several of the systems I looked at had generous free plans (Netify, for example), but they are young companies and I’m not sure how long they will be around. [Read More...]

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