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Meatballs (from Recipes )
Feb 21, 2024
This meatball recipe is simple and straightforward. It is baked so you can start it first and finish dinner while they are baking. Meatballs of course go excellently with Red Sauce . The beef is for 2 1/2 lbs because I shop at Aldi and that is their package size. For less meat I wouldn’t use less onion or mushrooms. Ingredients 2 1/2 lbs ground beef 1 onion - diced 8 oz mushrooms - diced 2 eggs 1/4 cup milk seasonings (see below) Method Sauté the onion and mushroom until the onions are soft and the mushrooms have released their water and most has evaporated Beat eggs and milk in a stand mixer Add beef and onion+mushroom mixture “Season to Taste” Mix mixture together. [Read More...]

Salad Dressings (from Recipes )
Jan 23, 2024
Vinaigrette Dressing Basic vinaigrette is a ratio of 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar. For example the simple balsamic vinegar dressing I make is 2 oz vinegar and 6 oz of oil. About 3/4 oz of a nice balsamic vinegar 1 1/4 oz of red wine vinegar 1 tsp mustard 2 oz nice olive oil 4 oz neutral healthy oil You could use olive oil for the whole thing. However not all olive oils taste that great. [Read More...]

Taco Seasoning (from Recipes )
Jan 1, 2024
This is a “taco seasoning” I threw together one evening because I didn’t want to use Penzey’s. Their’s is ok except the 2nd ingredient is salt and there is no cumin. So I tried this and it was good. Measures are very approximate for this. Ingredients 1/8 cup cumin 1/8 cup dried oregeno 1 tbsp paprika? Ancho chili powder - 1 tsp? Guajillo chilli powder - 1 tsp? Preparation Mix the above together in a bowl. [Read More...]

Gluten Free Muffins (from Recipes )
Nov 13, 2022
This is a standard muffin recipe adapted from Michael Ruhlman’s book Ratio and a gluten free flour mix I adapted from some I’ve found online. This recipe has been evolving and as of this writing I find it an excellent muffin recipe. Nearly indistinguishable from flour/gluten based recipes. The next frontier is cupcakes. The oat flour I grind myself using old fashioned oats in a spare coffee grinder. The white rice flour and tapioca flour are from my local Chinese grocery store. [Read More...]

Dauphinoise Potatoes (from Recipes )
Apr 16, 2022
Adapted from CIA’s “The Professional Chef” 7th edition and an article on thekitchen.com. Ingredients 5 lbs thin sliced Yukon Gold or Yellow potatoes 6 oz shredded cheese - Gruyere or Havarti 6 cloves garlic minced 2 1/2 cup cream (about) 2 1/2 cup whole milk (about) 3 eggs pinch nutmeg salt + pepper Very thinly slice the peeled potatoes. Use a mandoline if you have it. Place potatoes in a large pot, add minced garlic, fill with milk and cream till almost covered (potatoes will settle). [Read More...]

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