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Email Blues (from Blog )
Nov 25, 2020
Last week I realized I was having a pretty serious problem with email. My business emails weren’t getting to GMail users. For a business, this is a pretty bad problem. Luckily I have been wanting to move away from my Digital Concierge brand and was already planning on using michaelhelmke.com as my mail website and business identity. So all I had to do was create a new email set up for myself under that domain and I was ready to go. [Read More...]

Calibrating Rain (from Blog )
Nov 17, 2020
I’ve always been fascinated by the rain. I attribute this to California not having much rain, in general. Despite growing up in semi-arid conditions with lots of landscape watering, I enjoy seeing green things and water. Minnesota when it isn’t snowing, has lots of rain. Often when it rains, it’s very hard rain. Rain I hardly ever see in California. So when visiting California recently, and it was “raining”, I thought about comparing the volume of rain coming down in a way that makes more sense than “number of inches this season”. [Read More...]

Pandemic Holidays (from Blog )
Nov 15, 2020
Coming up on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” feels a little like a continuation of a dark Haloween. People drawn inexorably together by powerful forces to infect each other with a deadly virus and kill us all. Maybe there will be COVID themed Christmas Carols this year? I like to cook and eat holiday food. And I really really don’t want to get sick. Just like everyone else. So how about this: [Read More...]

Now Better With Email! (from Blog )
Nov 15, 2020
Last weekend I spent far too long hooking up a contact form on this site. Most of the time was thinking I should do the whole thing myself and be all fancy and technical. It’s a personal problem I struggle with. Doing too much technical work. In this case probably about 5 hours worth. Maybe more. I don’t want to think about it. Luckily it was a weekend. And then I didn’t feel a need to do non-business related work all week. [Read More...]

I accidentally deleted this blog (from Blog )
Nov 8, 2020
I accidentally deleted this blog. It happend quickly and caught me by surprise. The thing I didn't want to have happen See most people with modern computers and don’t muck around with files on their computer much. They drag a document from an email into a folder. That’s about it, I imagine. I do it often and I don’t use the friendly graphical drag and drop part very often. [Read More...]


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