Gluten Free Muffins

Published November 13, 2022

This is a standard muffin recipe adapted from Michael Ruhlman’s book Ratio and a gluten free flour mix I adapted from some I’ve found online. This recipe has been evolving and as of this writing I find it an excellent muffin recipe. Nearly indistinguishable from flour/gluten based recipes. The next frontier is cupcakes.

The oat flour I grind myself using old fashioned oats in a spare coffee grinder. The white rice flour and tapioca flour are from my local Chinese grocery store. They are much less expensive there than from Bob’s Red Mill.

This recipe uses Xanthan Gum, a substance fermented from simple sugars. It’s a stabilizer, emulsifier and thickener used frequently in prepared foods. It is the miracle ingredient for gluten free foods. Adding a tiny amount (1/4tsp + 1/8tsp here) helps capture CO2 the way gluten would and helps raising and texture. I’m using Anthony’s Premium Xanthan Gum which had best reviews and price on Amazon.

I weigh out the ingredients. Scooped measured amounts are forthcoming.


Gluten Free Flour mix

This makes 8oz.

Alternate flour mix discovered 2023-06-08

Running low on Tapioca and Rice flour, I adjusted the proportions and this one had an even better texture. Try again to confirm

This makes 8oz.


Makes 12 muffins.

Oven to 350F

Combine and mix dry ingredients. Mix beaten eggs into dry ingredients.

Melt butter into milk and stir. Mix into result until smooth.

Ladle batter into muffin tins. Add blueberries on top of the batter in the muffin tims.

Bake for 30 min.

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