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Understanding Digital Ownership (from Articles )
May 3, 2021
What is going on? An Introduction First the “Nyan Cat” meme was sold at auction for $587K. Nyan Cat Gif - $587,241 Then Beeple sold a large jpeg file containing the 5000 images in his “Everyday” series. At auction this sold for $69,000,000. One of the highest $$$ art sales ever. Beeple - Everyday - $69M Then Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for $2.9M. Jack's first Tweet - adorable - $2. [Read More...]

Ozark to Lake City - Day 9 (from Blog )
May 2, 2021
Well we finally reached Eastern Standard Time. I began to think I’d be in Central time forever. Not that I mind, Chris is there. But still. We kept going East. It kept being Central. Today was again a relatively easy drive. The biggest difference in the landscape is the large sections of forest tht were wiped out by the hurricane that came through a couple years ago and wiped out Panama City. [Read More...]

Meridian to Ozark - Day 8 (from Blog )
May 1, 2021
We had a pretty easy drive across Alabama from Meridian to Ozark, AL. Along the way we drove through the outskirts of Selma and Montgomery, both places I want to explore more in future. I also slept really well. Asleep by around 8:30pm and awake by around 4:30am which is normal for me with tired and that much time available. It was nice to feel rested. So the drive was easy. [Read More...]

Shreveport to Meridian - Day 7 (from Blog )
Apr 30, 2021
I am very tired. Combining travel and intensely working on things has worn me out. Luckily nothing is on fire so outside of writing another email for my own list (I have 6 scheduled ahead now, 2 weeks), and sending a couple of additional notes for client and collaborator communication there isn’t much that MUST be done. And I’m tired enough I would trust myself to do much anyway. (It’s better to be rested than to have to fix dumb things I’ll do when tired). [Read More...]

Vernon to Shreveport - Day 6 (from Blog )
Apr 29, 2021
Today was a longer driving day. We had some rain. We had some 2 lane roads. One of the goals of the day was not to drive through Dallas so we were a little out of the way but didn’t have any bad traffic. As we continued East everything kept getting greener and greener. Our RV site is nice and backs up to a little forest. Since it’s Lousiana they even have a little statur of an aligator with an arm in it’s mouth at the entrance. [Read More...]

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