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Tucumcari to Vernon - Day 5 (from Blog )
Apr 28, 2021
Today was a no-wind driving day and very pleasant. From Tucumcari, New Mexico we drove we entered the great state of Texas, went through Amarillo and then down to Vernon. This route lets us avoid the universally reviled driving nightmare of Dallas / Fort Worth. (As Twin Cities go, Minneapolis / St. Paul is a very pleasant driving experience.) The countryside has gotten greener and the lack of wind is quite nice. [Read More...]

Seligman to Grants to Tucumcari - Day 4 (from Blog )
Apr 27, 2021
I got distracted working so didn’t get to this yesterday. On Day 3, we had a short drive from Seligman to Grants, New Mexico. The wind wasn’t too bad but was gusty in parts. Overall driving wasn’t that bad. Grants, NM is in the middle of a lava field so around the RV park there were interesting formations like this: Lava rocks just next to the RV Work wise, I got further ahead on my email list (one email a day for a list that gets sent out 3 times a week) and finished a web landing page I was having to build/design myself because my prefered contractor isn’t available. [Read More...]

Bakersfield to Kingman I mean Seligman - Day 2 (from Blog )
Apr 25, 2021
We got up early to make the drive East from Bakersfield into Arizona. The drive was pretty uneventful but got windy by the end. We made it to a favorite RV park a little East of Kingman, AZ where there were cute cactuses all over. Cute cactus just outside the RV After we finished up dinner and about 3 hours after we arrived there, we saw smoke coming over the ridge to the South of us. [Read More...]

Florida here we come - Day 1 (from Blog )
Apr 24, 2021
Sacramento to Bakersfield The plan was to wake up at my usual time at 5:30am. So of course I woke up at 2am. I was going to go back to sleep but realized I had not set up a web server that I’d need if my favorite person on Fiverr got back to me and was able to do the job I want to pay her to do. 20 minutes later the basic website was built and ready so I can give instructions while on the road. [Read More...]

Frank Kern Sabotaged My Brain (from Blog )
Apr 24, 2021
Last weekend Frank Kern sabotaged my brain. It wasn’t personal. He doesn’t know me. Though on some level it was the effect he wanted to have. Kern is a rather famous digital marketer. He’s been famous for probably 20 years now. My favorite video of him is driving around in a car talking about some marketing trick and making it sound really sexy and powerful. And if you look close, you can see the logo on the headrest of his car is the double intertwined R’s of his Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. [Read More...]

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