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Well that was an interesting day… (from Blog )
Jan 7, 2021
As shocking as it was to see white supremicists, faux-nazis, and other low life Trump supporters storming the capital, it isn’t truly surprising. This is like divorcing a narcissits. When you try to divorce a narcissist they do bad things. I’ve gone through it twice (one ex-wife, one ex-business partner). Narcissists can’t let anyone be more successful than them. No one can, in their view, be better than them. Hence Trump always having to be the stable genius, the smartest man in the room. [Read More...]

Thai Curry (from Recipes )
Dec 29, 2020
Firstly, I don’t claim this is authentic Thai Curry. It started as a recipe from a book by chef Mai Pham and then it gradually evolved over the years of my cooking it. Also, this is not an exact recipe. I consistently use The seasonings in the ingredients section. The specific vegetables used vary with what you have on hand. I love adding Japanese eggplant to it and do that with most batches I make when I can get it. [Read More...]

The Safety Dance (from Blog )
Dec 23, 2020
I would have normally posted something like this on social media. However since I’m continuing the experiment of living life as if social media doesn’t exist, well except for Linkedin, I’m sharing this here: I saw it first on a YouTube ad and sought out the original video on Alaska Airline’s youtube channel. It’s one of the better uses of a licensed song for advertising. Fun, clever, and comforting for those who want to fly. [Read More...]

2020-12-19 Thoughts (from Blog )
Dec 19, 2020
I reached a tentative compromise with Facebook. It is potentially important to me for business. At the very least for using their advertising platform. Not an ideal solution but it’s where I am in business right now. If I could make all my living off of consulting on email that would be a different story. So I signed back into Facebook and unfollowed nearly everyone. Notifications are still off. I think I get notifications from FB Messenger but I’m not quite sure. [Read More...]

Goodbye Facebook (from Blog )
Dec 13, 2020
Earlier this week I was realizing I was feeling a bit down due to my reading Twitter and general stupidity on Facebook. I had also been thinking about building a future online discussion group for select clients of mine. For discussion / community purposes, I’ve considered Facebook Groups in the past. These days, though, I’m re-thinking about the tradeoffs between “free” online services and the damage they do to society by everything from tracking and selling our information for advertising and government intelligence freelancing to societal damage from manipulating dopamine in our brains, encouraging grevience, and acting as an accelerant to enable further stupid by the current president. [Read More...]

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