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Why no images? (from Blog )
Nov 6, 2020
As of this writing, this website has no images. The layout is also really plain. While I do enjoy text and appreciate the minimalism of some website I still find on the net (a perfect example: cr.yp.to ), I’m looking to have a more modern and readable look. Layout will improve as I have time to build it over time. Images I’m particularly missing for my food writing. Happily, I see examples of what people have done and they look pretty straightforward. [Read More...]

Accidental Omelets: 5 Best Practices (from Recipes )
Nov 6, 2020
A couple of months I accidentally made an omelet. I probably wrote about that in my old blog. Since then, I’ve been continuing to practice. It’s funny to me that omelets are basically scrambled eggs with an obsessive attention to technique. Thus they make sense to me. With practice they have gotten easier to do. Here are my tips and tricks so far. Butter in the pan. I’m using vintage cast iron and melted butter is great for non-stickiness. [Read More...]

Raspberry PI as a Github ‘Runner’ (from Articles )
Nov 2, 2020
(This article is a high level sketch.) When setting up this static website, I wanted as easy a path as possible for getting content from my laptop to the website. There are a lot of systems that do automatic deployment of changes. I wanted something simple, low cost, and which was going to be around a long time. Several of the systems I looked at had generous free plans (Netify, for example), but they are young companies and I’m not sure how long they will be around. [Read More...]

October 29th, 2020 (from Blog )
Oct 29, 2020
This week has been more productive than I thought it would be. Normally when I’ve traveled back to California, everything feels much more disrupted. There’s a different daytime schedule, I’m in a different place, there’s a different routine. All of that has been true but I’ve adapted pretty well, to the point that a couple of times I had to double check that it was just last week I was on the road. [Read More...]

October 25th, 2020 (from Blog )
Oct 25, 2020
Even though my daily blog is done, I have an interest in recording my thoguhts from time to time. I imagine the “blog” part of this site will stay a little more freeform this way. I can always re-organize the content later and re-generate the website at the touch of a button. (Even with WordPress that would be harder vs dragging and dropping some files between directories here). Anyway… I’m in Sacramento now. [Read More...]

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