2020-12-19 Thoughts

Published December 19, 2020

I reached a tentative compromise with Facebook.

It is potentially important to me for business. At the very least for using their advertising platform. Not an ideal solution but it’s where I am in business right now. If I could make all my living off of consulting on email that would be a different story.

So I signed back into Facebook and unfollowed nearly everyone. Notifications are still off. I think I get notifications from FB Messenger but I’m not quite sure. I rarely get messages that way so it isn’t something I pay attention to.

In other news, I began hosting a writing challenge for anyone willing to take it up. The idea is I add you to a special email list and then for 30 days, you get daily emails with a short writing prompt. Write something. Share it if you like.

Over time, you’ll get more practice writing daily and hopefully it will become easier and topics will flow more quickly.

There are 6 people in the current challenge and once I started it, I realized I could run it any time because at heart, it’s a 30 day email sequence that I am automating. I pre-schedule the sending of the emails. (I have 13 days for them written so far, need to write some more before Monday).

For future runs of the challenge, next one scheduled Tuesday, I add people to an email list and it runs on it’s own from there. I do provide comments back to people who send me writing and send out periodic “writers digest” emails with writing samples from the different participants so they don’t feel alone.

I think it will be another effective way to get people added to my email list. Among other things.

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