Disney Day 11, 12, and 13

Published May 16, 2021

Through a combination of keeping up with work, the every day exercise program of walking 3-4 miles in a theme park, and having lunch, I didn’t keep up with daily entries.

Here’s what you missed…

On Day 11 (Friday) we returned to Epcot for an eating tour.

The “Epcot Flower + Garden Festival” is running right now which is an excute for them to have extra nice flower installations and have kiosks selling different small plates of food. Most differentiated by country.

We did go on the Spaceship Earth ride again when we got there. That’s the one in the big ball at the entrance.

It seems more crowded today and there are a lot of teen cheerleader groups here because they had some sort of event at a Disney facility all week.

Anyway, eating around the world.

We stopped at several places and tried some different things. We were full by the end and everything was ok. But for price and deliciousness, it wasn’t amazing. To a certain extent, things we tried earier in our tour were better because the process was newer. We are also eating and walking and outside and while it isn’t hot, it’s warm.

On Day 12 (Saturday) we returned to Animal Kingdom and went on the safari ride twice and walked through the two ansimal loops. On the safari there was a moment when ostriches were walking by our bus, that was new and the warthogs were out in force on one trip through.

Overall it’s a really pleasant way to spend a morning. Plus it’s been very nice and cool the last few days with mornings starting in the low 60s and getting up into the high 70s and low 80s by afternoon.

One big change today is Disney has changed mask rules. Masks are no longer required if you are outdoors and not waiting in a line. They are still required indoors or waiting in lines outdoors. There are no vaccination recommendations in this. So if you aren’t vaccinated, keep your mask on, and maybe try to get a vaccine really soon. I hear they are easy to get now. At least in this country.

We had lunch at The Wave at the Contemporary resort. Their dinners are more elaborate but we all had the house salad and chicken sandwich and both were very good.

Today (Sunday) on Day 13, we returned to the Magic Kingdom for the last time on this trip.

It has been feeling gradually more crowded but we still went on everything we wanted to within about 3 hours: Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Small World, Mickeys Philharmagic, Winnie the Pooh, Little Mermaid Ride, People Mover, Autopia (silly car ride), and Country Bear Jamboree. If we had worked at it and had all day and been willing to stand in longer lines, we easily could have gone on every ride in the park which is normally not practical.

As is, we didn’t rush or do anything strenuous and it was fun. The weather is still nice.

For lunch we had a change of plans. Originally we were going over to the Wilderness Lodge for food at their outdoor bar which doesn’t require reservations. However in the morning my mother noticed their main salad was described as “miltigrain”. I may have read that as “micro-green” before.

We ponder multigrain… Wheat and Quinoia? Or something? Might be good but not at all what they want. So now we are trying to find Lunch reservations at 6:30am which isn’t best case for Disney dining right now. We settled on going back to the Liberty Tree Tavern and having Thansgiving dinner again.

We are glad we did. It was still really good. I opted to ask for more green beans because I miss green vegetables and they brought more. Everything was still good (see Disney day 2 for details). I highly recommend it.

Then we came back to the RV and relaxed.

Overall, I’ve gotten a lot more efficient at writing on this trip. I’ve very effectively gotten practice in just starting writing something vs starting at a blank page and trying to get a good start. This has been huge.

I also spent my down-time yesterday and today (Saturday and Sunday) mostly not worrying about work. I did do some writing on my email newsletter. I also started exploring some very simple game design programming tools that look fun. I’ll write more on that in a separate article.

This has been a fun trip. There are a lot of things here I really like that I’ll be sad not to be able to easily get to again. However it behooves me to find other favorite things in other cities I can get to.

For example, my daughters speak very highly of Asian cuisine in the North Sacramento/Natomas area. And of course the Twin Cities is huge and merits lots of exploration.

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