Disney Day 10 - WineBar George Round 2

Published May 13, 2021

We went to the Magic Kingdom and went on rides. It was fun.

(Mickey’s Philharmagic is still a favorite of mine there. It’s an amazing piece of animated storytelling related to Donald Duck’s very sweet inner nature and how he thwarts himself over and over. At least that’s what I think it’s about.)

We had decided to return to WineBar George and so left the park around 11 or so, got the boat, stopped at the RV, got in the car, drove, parked, and checked if we could get in early. We could.

The Winebar has this large second floor with lots of windows and balconys and we were seated by one of the large windows overlooking the Disney shopping below.

We had some different things this time.

A sampling of olives that was delicious.

The Saganaki on Fire where they douse a Greek cheese in brandy and ignite it which was delicious.

And their house hummis that was delicious.

I had the same salad as last time, still good. And the Chicken Salad Sandwich for variety. It was good and probably as good as such a sandwich can be. The BLT+C from before is better. Though this had chips that were still good.

Bob got the steak frites which came with their house fries.

I didn’t realize frites could be that good. They are as good as their house potato chips are. It was crazy.

This place is amazing.

Then back to the RV. I’m getting some good work progress made and dont’ feel as far behind as I have in past days. I’m more efficient and getting stuff finished.

Oh, not very hot today which is a nice change. Temperature was supposed to just hit 80.

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