Disney Day 9 - The Mighty Ducks

Published May 12, 2021

Today it rained.

It didn’t start out that way, though.

We visited Epcot and started out riding Spaceship Earth, the big globe shaped building that dominates it’s skyline. It’s a fun relaxing slow indoor ride illustrating progress in modern communication from cave paintings to the Internet.

The lighting seems a bit dim and the sound seems a bit off. It’s supposed to be completely refurbished in the next year or so.

Then to the Ocean building and the Nemo ride and mini-aquarium. Then the boat ride through the public Disney green houses and then waiting for lunch.

Lunch was at the Rose and Crown in the UK. We had never eaten there and it was much better than we expected.

Bob got Bubble and Squeak which is a curious concoction and better than expected. His shepherd’s pie seemed really good from the one bite I had. I had the chicken tikki masala which was delicious. As good as any Indian food I’ve had. My mother had a salmon that looked good.

And just as we were getting into the restaurant and then seated in their well covered (i.e. waterproof) outdoor seating area, it started to rain hard.

We kept our rain ponchos on and watched people running around in the rain trying to find dry spots and as we ate our lunch. Then it was sunny. Then clouding up again.

After we left to leave the park it started to rain again. Really really hard. We probably walked 1/2 mile from the UK to the car in the rainstorm. It was fun but for the wet shoes. (We all have extra shoes).

Then back to the RV to dry off.

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