Orlando to Chattahoochee to Toomsuba

Published May 19, 2021

Tuesday we got up early and pulled up stakes from Fort Wilderness, Disney World and headed North West.

It was an easy drive to Chattahoochee which is near Tallahassee. But Chattahoochee is funner to say and write.

Not much to report. The weather is good. The RV park was marginal. We had baguettes and croissants from Epcot France to go along with dinner. I enjoyed getting back to regular food. Rosemary pork chops, a bunch of steamed vegetables, green salad, fruit salad. I had a call and did some writing. We went to bed early.

Then, next day, (Today) we drove to Toomsuba which I probably noted as Meridian on the way out. But Toomsuba is more accurate and also more fun to say and write. This is the same RV park we stayed at on the way and it is pretty nice.

I had another call and have a couple of email drafts that I need to get done tonight. We’ll see, I’m sleepy.

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