Well that was an interesting day…

Published January 7, 2021

As shocking as it was to see white supremicists, faux-nazis, and other low life Trump supporters storming the capital, it isn’t truly surprising.

This is like divorcing a narcissits. When you try to divorce a narcissist they do bad things. I’ve gone through it twice (one ex-wife, one ex-business partner).

Narcissists can’t let anyone be more successful than them. No one can, in their view, be better than them. Hence Trump always having to be the stable genius, the smartest man in the room. Hence his fury at Republicans as a group doing better in the 2020 November election than he did.

He isn’t a genius. Except for specific enhancements due to narcissism he is a very stupid man. So to be the smartest man in the room, well, he needs to control whose in the room.

If you listened closely in 2016, you started to hear that white nationalists were telling reporters that 2016 was the first presidential election they felt heard. Where there was a candidate they felt could speak to their specific needs. Nope, it wasn’t Hillary.

Does that mean Trump is a racist? Well, yes, he is. That’s pretty clear from what he says and his policies.

Does that mean all Trump supporters are racists? Depends on how you define racist. There’s wearing a white sheet and burning crosses. There’s supporting housing discrimination and voter supression. Republicans are, after all, the party of voter supression.

Is it surprising that a narcissist who is having a severe dissociative would cause insane levels of chaos and try to burn the place down? We are lucky he hasn’t started a hot war with anyone yet.

The republican congress, with few exceptions, are craven cowards.

Since I first saw this video before the election, I keep thinking back to how prescient it is, documenting his behavior every step of the way since the election. Comedy Central produced this video back in 2017 when it wasn’t really that hard to believe this behavior either.

Former Republicans are doing some good work. There is a lot of work to do to strengthen the country and improve the lot of those who feel like they are outsiders.

It’s been hard for lots of folks to see jobs moving overseas and the appropriate increases in tolerance and rights for other folks on the margins of society. Acceptance of LGBTQ+, “gay marriage”, increased immigration, taco trucks on every street corner. I think it’s all good. And it’s all shocking for others.

So there’s a lot of work to be done to build a new sort of society and help the outsiders. All of the outsiders, including the nationalists and maggot hat wearing groups.

I’m still against facism. I’m not sure why that is a controversial position. In that regard demonizing ANTIFA is a clever idea. So are you all in favor of facism if you are against ANTIFA? I’ve got nothing against nazis getting punched in the face (cf “youtube richard spencer punched face”). It’s the only way to push them back underground.

There’s no both sides here.

Except for being on the right or wrong side of history.

Thanks for listening. I know it rambled. Back to work…

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