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Published January 17, 2021

747 Airplane in Flight

My first flights were on sadly departed PanAm airlines. I've always felt nostalgic for that airline.

Last week I flew back to Minnesota. It was an eventful week.

Monday I observed the interesting phenomena of a bunch of people suddenly getting back to me. I think after holidays and the end of the year and attempted insurrection as distractions, people finally got back to work. So over the course of Monday I got emails answering questions and making requests that stretched back about 5 weeks.

Tuesday I flew back to Minnesota. The flight was uneventful. Delta is still blocking middle seats though it was almost a full flight. I wore my mask the whole time and listened to podcasts. I kept my electronics in plastic bags so I wouldn’t have to think about decontaminating them after. Also had the overheat air jet blowing at me during the flight.

Flying Tuesday seemed a good idea regarding how empty the airport was. There was no wait at the check-in desk and no wait through security which was nice. I had my CPAP also in plastic bags as that has to get taken out of my suitcase and put through security separately.

I changed clothes in the airport at Minesota after I got my luggage and Chris picked me up and then shower at her place before I felt fully decontaminated.

Cruncy icy groundcover in Minnesota

My girlfriend doesn't think this is snow.

Chris had said there wasn’t much snow around and this is what she means. The white substance is frozen water that is icy and crunchy. That never counts as snow to her. I’m from California where we have fewer words for now.

Snowy groundcover in Minnesota

How it looks after the snow falls.

This is what it looked like a couple days later. You might notice in the upper right, the road is covered. This was before the plows came through. Thursday and Friday we got a couple inches of snow each day. It was very pretty. Overall it’s not too cold with temperatures in the low 30s. It’s supposed to drop into the 20s next week.

I had a busy week after arrival. I have a bunch of projects going. There’s a paid writing course I’m running starting next week for which I need to write material. There’s some client projects of various sizes. Lots of moving parts, lots of things to keep organized.

Saturday Chris went alone to an small family gathering at her parents house (I stayed behind for now) and I was able to finish up several small projects that were lingering from the week. Now I should be in good shape for next week.

I’ll make curry tonight. I had curry leftovers when I arrived which was nice as I hadn’t had any in a few months. Chris has a nice selection of beef and pork in the downstairs freezer. I want to pick up some pork belly and beef brisket before long. There’s more pork fat to render and I have some ideas about what to do with the lard I rendered last year (carnitas, pork belly confit, etc).

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