Accidental Omelets: 5 Best Practices

Published November 6, 2020

A couple of months I accidentally made an omelet.

I probably wrote about that in my old blog. Since then, I’ve been continuing to practice.

It’s funny to me that omelets are basically scrambled eggs with an obsessive attention to technique. Thus they make sense to me. With practice they have gotten easier to do. Here are my tips and tricks so far.

  1. Butter in the pan. I’m using vintage cast iron and melted butter is great for non-stickiness.
  2. Low heat. Butter is better at non-stick when it isn’t over heated. Lower heat may work better for the eggs, too.
  3. Don’t over fill. I often try to put too much inside the omelet. I’m practicing not to. I’ve gotten pretty good with small amounts of cheese. Soon I’ll graduate to using two different fillings.
  4. Lift and Pour. My omelets fill my small pan edge to edge. As the bottom cooks, egg on the top pools. Lift the edge of the cooked part with your spatula and tilt the pan to pour the uncooked part under the omelet. If you’ve done #1 and #2 right, it won’t be sticking and this will be easy.
  5. This is a technique exercise. A lot of cooking comes down to practice. Dicing onions comes to mind. It’s worth doing it over and over to get good at it. I’m glad I had.

I wish I had images working on this site so I could share photos. I imagine I’ll revise these food articles when I’ve added that in to my satisfaction.

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