Snowy Driveways

Published January 25, 2021

We got about 5 inches of fresh powder over the weekend.

This is a low view down the driveway Sunday morning. The lip of snow is what was up against the garage door I just opened.

driveway with snow

The snowblower made quick work of the bulk of it and then I worked on leftover sticky patches with the shovels.

When it was sunny later in the day, some of the ice that was stuck to the driveway came loose and I was able to shovel that away.

When it was sunny this afternoon, I did the same. Take one of the snow shovels, find where I can lift up the ice and crack it and shovel it aside.

I’m finding gradually removing the ice from the driveway gives me exactly the same enjoyment I get from peeling off dead skin after a sun burn.

Oh, and the ice is there because the first snow was very wet and some of it got driven over which compresses the snow and causes ice to form in the tire tracks. This can build up to larger mounds of ice.

Snow is fun.

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