I accidentally deleted this blog

Published November 8, 2020

I accidentally deleted this blog.

It happend quickly and caught me by surprise.

Photo of shredded paper, playing on the idea of my having accidentally, if only temporarily, deleted this website.

The thing I didn't want to have happen

See most people with modern computers and don’t muck around with files on their computer much. They drag a document from an email into a folder. That’s about it, I imagine.

I do it often and I don’t use the friendly graphical drag and drop part very often. Mostly I’m typing commands to do everything for me. For me, it’s faster. (I wrote a bunch of words in detail on how I do that but it seemed indulgent so I edited. You’re welcome.)

To manage this blog I type a lot of commands. And I was working on something where I wanted to delete something in the same place I keep all the files for this blog.

And I deleted too hard…

Delete works really fast.

It even vaguely warned me I was going to do this and if I’d paid attention, I would have noticed. It wasn’t until later that I tried to edit a file and noticed it was gone.

Huh. Ouch.

Luckily, the only way files get from my laptop (where I’m writing this), to this website (where you’re reading this), is because I keep all of my changes in a version control system. This online database keeps pristine copies of all of my changes to this site. I use the service at GitHub.com which is free for my usage (personal use).

GitHub holds a copy of everything for me so all I had to do was request a copy of the last version I had saved there and then I was mostly back in business.

I’ll type more carefully. Delete is really fast.

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