Why no images?

Published November 6, 2020

As of this writing, this website has no images.

The layout is also really plain.

While I do enjoy text and appreciate the minimalism of some website I still find on the net (a perfect example: cr.yp.to ), I’m looking to have a more modern and readable look.

Layout will improve as I have time to build it over time.

Images I’m particularly missing for my food writing. Happily, I see examples of what people have done and they look pretty straightforward.

With Wordpress you can upload images into a library and then insert them and stuff happens behind the scenes. Unfortunately with WP, the behind the scenes stuff is pretty basic and easily let’s you add Very Large images to your posts so a lot of people have inadvertantly slow loading sites. You can fix it with WP but it’s just more complex.

It isn’t necessarily simpler in this case. I’m really building up the tools I need as I go using powerful basic parts. But it looks straightforward to put together something that can automatically resize my images to different sizes needed for different screen sizes (desktop, table, mobile), and automatically serve them out. All with no “dynamic” behind the scenes database / content building thing like most modern websites. It will be really fast.

I might have a moment to toy with that over the weekend. For now, I’ve researched and saved a bunch of bookmarks.


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