October 25th, 2020

Published October 25, 2020

Even though my daily blog is done, I have an interest in recording my thoguhts from time to time.

I imagine the “blog” part of this site will stay a little more freeform this way. I can always re-organize the content later and re-generate the website at the touch of a button. (Even with WordPress that would be harder vs dragging and dropping some files between directories here). Anyway…

I’m in Sacramento now. I’ve adored the time I’ve spent with my girlfriend Chris in Minnesota. Especially this last year as we are all indoors so much. However I want to spend time with family and over the holidays. So here I am.

There’s also a weird feeling of running from an advancing wildfire due to the pandemic. The week after I left, there are covid scares among people there who I’m close to and one person now infected. So I’m in a safer place. And wish the US would figure out how to operate by rational countries have done. Hopefully by January the United States will be run with coherent leadership.

I remain healthy. I enjoyed seeing my daughters a lot yesterday. And I can run my business nearly as well here as I can in Minnesota.

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